Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Our lawyers have enjoyed many years of successfully prosecuting and defending personal injury trials in the East Texas area.

We have represented insurance companies and their insureds as well as businesses, individuals and other entities in the arena of personal injury trial law. Our history and size have uniquely prepared us to identify the tendencies and subtle differences between juries in the many counties in our region. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective and forthright representation of litigants regardless of the size of the case. The firm has handled personal injury cases with a litigation budget of less than $5,000 to cases with budgets easily exceeding six figures. In all cases, our focus is to fully and adequately represent the client, whether insured or self-insured, in a cost effective and ethical manner. Our attorneys have represented the firm’s clients, and their carriers, for many years, providing close communication with clients during the process.

Our experience in this practice area covers a vast array of litigation for personal injury. Types of cases include:

• Automobile accidents
• Trucking accidents
• Premises liability, both in slip/fall and security
• Social host liability
• Wrongful death
• Subcontractors’ and general contractors’ liability
• Products liability
• Sexual assault, civil liability
• First party insurance, including life insurance, coverage
• Opinions and extra-contractual claims
• Construction zone accidents
• Bad faith

Attorneys that practice this area of law (click on a name to view details):
Robert Alderman Jr.
Erika L. Neill